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Plus Demand rebrands to Uthnou

by Anirban Saren on January 07, 2021

Plus demand to uthnou
This announcement is regarding our brand name being changed from “Plus Demand” to “Uthnou”. 

Our vision from the start was to help you connect to your true passions. We realised that in order to connect fully we have to help you connect to other people. And we believe connection can only happen if we have empathy for others. 

So the name “Uthnou” was born. It literally means empowerment. It is the most powerful way to social empathy and connection. We believe that empowerment is the first step to empathy. This is because without empowerment of the mind, body and spirit of all people emapthy will not be useful.

Our goal is to help millions of people connect through empowerment. Thus the name “Uthnou” came into being.

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