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Durga Puja Is Coming! *HUGE DISCOUNT CODE*

by Anirban Saren on September 18, 2020

So Durga Puja is coming. And we are already excited. But the reason for this is not Durga Puja. To explain, let me tell you a story.

I was feeling lost. I mean literally lost in the Durga Puja crowd. For a moment I was praying in the pandal and my parents and siblings had moved on and I thought it was over. I know you have had the same feeling once or twice in your life. 

This is the reason why I stress about passion and a purpose in life. Passion is an expression of the divinity of the universal mother. 

When I was a kid, we went out to watch pandals. We used to live in Palashipara, Nadia and I was about 5 years old. We went to a padal a little far from home. And I was praying wholeheartedly with my eyes closed. And then this happened.

I opened my eyes and all I saw were the faces of strangers. I felt terrified. I mean I thought so out of place. When I look back today, I realize that it was a childish fear but there is an important lesson I learnt from this.

The lesson is that even if all you could see around you are strangers, there is a mother in our hearts who is always going to make us feel home. This spiritual connection is Maa Durga/Maa Kali/Universal Mother or any name you choose to call her/him. This is the essence of spirituality.

And Plus Demand’s motto is similar. It is about connection to your passions.And this is the reason we are excited. Plus we have a discount for you. 

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